Friday, October 2, 2009

Coming live from my new apartment :)

Hello all, don't hate me...I know I have neglected my blog for a bit. Of course only for necessary time to move into the apartment. Which I definately don't ever want to have to do this again. This is only the 2nd time i've moved on my own. With the hubby being deployed, I don't have to experience the oh so frequent moving around that the military loves for their men and women to do.

Why is it such a hassle to get internet and cable, and WORKING internet and cable at that?!

I had it installed 2 days ago and the Rep said that the Ethernet cable wouldn't fit my computer? That was the oddest thing I had ever heard. It fit my Mac fine, but of course the Mac didn't want to work with me and my HP just wasn't having it.

But other than that, all is well.

Still waiting on my couches, I ordered them sometime last week...they're ETA is October 7th, I didn't know you should have to order them a month in advance, haha. I just want my apartment to look liveable, is that too much to ask?

Well, visit again soon...there will be more updates on the move.

Update on the hubby: He got his CAB (Combat Action Badge) ...

In a few words- OY VEY! Stressfull...

I'll hear all about it on R&R though, and of course give you the scoop...well, what I can of it :)

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