Monday, September 28, 2009

What i'd give for a nap!

Oh loyal followers how I love you... :)

Don't hate me for slacking on the blog entries, I do promise to be more interesting after the move. I'm very excited to say that I bought couches today! I bought them through AAFES too, with our Military Star Card. They're very nice, should be at the apartment in a few days.

If you don't have a Military Star Card you should get one, it's nice when you don't want to spend too much and don't want to pay taxes ;)

They even have good sales from time to time. Although, I wish I was closer to a base so I could actually shop there as opposed to online where I'm still paying shipping and handling.

Also, they have a new Military Star Card through Chase so you can use it off post! Very convenient.

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  1. i also love the furniture lay away program they have as well at the local px/bx its great to know I can take my furniture home and pay for it in installments. Another route to use if you don't want to charge everything on star. Also if you sign up for your local px/bx newsletter you get the scoop on sales before the general public. I bought all of my lawn furniture last month when they were having a big furniture sale at the furniture store on post...I paid only 265.00 for a 4 piece table and chair, wrought iron with cushions, a three piece with table and chair bar wrought iron set and a webber grill! I was so thrilled with the coupon discount from the flyer and the in store discount! so check into that too if you get a can sign up online.