Thursday, September 24, 2009

Operation Enduring Silence...

Our first conversation when my husband actually hit the field did not go over well because I failed to comprehend what I could ask him or what he can even tell me. (Im happy that we can experience the first deployment together)

2 months later I find our conversations going something like this...

Me: Nervous laugh

Hubby: What do you have to say (oh so sarcastically, but still loving)

Me: Well, I saw something on the news...

Hubby: I told you not to watch the news...

Me: Yeah, yeah I know ::as I roll my eyes:: (Hey, he can't see me...I can get away with it)


Regardless...I could ask, but he can't tell. It still leaves me quite frustrated, even today.

Especially when you get so excited to see "unknown caller" pop up on your caller ID. You're in the middle of shopping and everyone around you is becoming annoyed because you're oblivious to the world around you. Hanging onto every word your soldier has to say no matter how many times you've heard about camel spiders or the heat.

Also, know this:

This is our first deployment, but we learned real quick that the price of a sims cards for the Afghan phones (don't know if this is the same for Iraq) is quite expensive. If anything, budget calling cards into each pay period. They're running us 50 for 2500 units for his phone, and to call the states it takes double. so we fly through these cards. So far my soldier has only been able to buy these cards at the PX on post, and when they get a shipment in they go fast!

Please if you have any information/stories pertaining to these sims cards or how it works in Iraq (or any other deployable country) share with us :)


  1. Anderson Cooper is indeed the silver fox. I mean, yeah.... how am I not going to watch him?

  2. when Jere was in Iraq, he would go to the phone center sometimes and call me free through the base operator at our local post or over a dsn line from his office. Not sure if theres a set up like that now. It was very cost effective as it was free and we would talk for sometimes an hour if they weren't busy.