Sunday, September 20, 2009

Trading my sanity...

When he asked me to marry him I thought it would be easy. When we said "I do" I thought to myself, "This is it!". But when he left me for Afghanistan, my mind went blank. I drove back to the hotel in the dark, tears streaming down my face...alone. I paced as anxiety set in. But I could do this "You're Army wife strong" he would tell me, and I would laugh and roll my eyes. I was weak, who was I kidding?

That was 2 months ago, and I have learned that if you do not allow yourself to take on the duties of a military wife and be "strong" you will fail miserably at a chance of sanity.

That is why I made this blog, not for myself but for you. If you're anything like me, Google has become your best friend. Ways to get through deployment, pre-deployment, what is an LES, how to read an LES, military ranks, AHRN, living on post vs. off post, etc. Im sure many of you could provide more (encouraged!).

So please, join my blog, follow me, make your own blog, and lets get through this together. Wether it's a deployment or your husbands/wives 20 year chosen career. Any branch, any MOS, lets do this together!


  1. Hi, I was in your shoes 14 years ago. Nine months into our marriage he deployed to Bosnia, and the day before he left I found out I was pregnant! What an experience for me. Yes, you do and can grow strong and be strong. But (I did) you may find yourself still crying into your pillow at night.

    Please utilize the AFTB (Army Family Team Building) classes that are online. You will learn all about the LES, the wonderful Army acroynms etc....

  2. Thank you, I didn't know that was available to me. Love learning new stuff :)