Monday, September 21, 2009

Sending my love, 7000 miles away...

My sleeping habits are 100 percent unhealthy, and I have a few army wife friends that would say the same.
At 7:30pm my time, he's waking up for work. Convenient. But he doesn't get a chance to talk until about 2am my time, and if he doesn't get a chance then anywhere between 2-6 he could call. I almost feel guilty when I fall asleep, thinking I could sleep through the phone ringing.
I wrote every day for about 2 weeks when he was first deployed, but then found myself at a loss for words. My days were too predictable and the pages were filled with enough love to last him a few years.
Our phone calls are great and I love to hear from him, but hate when I have to bring up financial issues or anything negative. I almost dread the phone call...I hate making him think that anything could possibly be his fault.
Despite it all, all of our phone calls and letters end with love and we put anything else behind us.
A book I received pre-deployment helped me get through a lot of similair issues. I have provided the link if you're interested!

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