Sunday, October 18, 2009

Holding my breath...

Is exactly what I was doing on Friday night. Alicia, a good friend of mine, who's husband is my husbands gunner had heard that 1 person was killed and 2 others injured in their group. It was difficult to sit and wait, not knowing. We were told their would be a briefing the next day at 3pm for the wives and family if they could make it. Well with me in Florida, that doesn't help much.
I didn't know them...but my heart goes out to their families.
But I must also add that I am so angry. And I don't know how to write without sounding like im ragging on my FRG group, but SERIOUSLY?! The people that where actually contacted were told 3 different stories, a platoon was MADE UP, the FRG leader ended up turning her phone off, as we're sitting here going "Okay, I haven't heard from my husband/wife".
I feel like that hasn't even touched upon the surface of how I feel and what happened.
But I really don't want to vent on a blog, when I know there are FRG leaders out there that do a great job keeping people informed and what not.

Besides the point, my husband is fine and will be here on R&R in 10 days! Although, my time is cut short because he is visiting family in Michigan before coming to Florida. Regardless, I get to see him and im pretty excited!
My brother is in Germany last I heard on his way here, so im happy that they're both okay!

But please do keep the 293rd MPCO in your prayers, as well as all of the other men and women that put their lives on the line every day!

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  1. glad to hear your husband was not harmed