Saturday, October 3, 2009

Big Bad Dog

So the hubby bought me a puppy before he left, as you can see in the pictures.

He's cute, and the love of my life (nothing against my husband ;) ) But guard dog he is not, haha. Moving into the apartment I was very excited, but if anyone comes in I sure hope I hear them because Bear is not going to let me know, he'll be too busy hiding.

We're currently working on a bark...

Aside from my puppy not wanting to grow up, there are thousands of wives left alone while their husbands are deployed. Nothing against the husbands left alone when their wives are gone, BUT. During this time women do seem to become "targets". Please do be aware of your surrounding at all times, do not go around announcing to everyone that your husband is gone and you are home alone. Simple things like yellow ribbons all over the yard, or any sign that he has been deployed screams "hey im alone". Even the "safest" of neighborhoods you should be careful of. Especially in military communities, it is all too common.

All im asking is stay safe :)

And if you have any tips or stories, drop me a line through comments!

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